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Learn how we stop puppy mills.
Learn how we stop puppy mills.

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You may be wondering why choose us to find your next pet for sale? We do thorough reviews on the breeders/listers/Rescues that list on our Pet Finder website. Each listing is also reviewed, images are checked for the animal’s health and safety.

Siberian Husky
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We are a pet marketplace, and we don’t involve in what happens between you and the breeder/shelter. We take no extra money from the lister other than listing fees. You won’t have to worry about a higher price from the lister recuperating from the losses of percentage taking as other sites do!

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You can find many available pets to buy or adopt by browsing the available listings. You can find many puppies for sale and browse over 300 breeds of dogs (pure and mixed). Use the magnifying glass on the top right to start searching!

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When viewing our standards, you will see icons next to a breeder’s or shelter’s profile for what they test for and include with their puppies/pets. It can consist of specific breed health tests (e.g., dysplasia) or general registration information (e.g., AKC).

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American Bulldog
Comic kennel
French Bulldog
Mindi Moser
Golden Retriever - English Cream
English Bulldog
Afghan Hound
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