How to keep a dog from going under the bed?

Dog is hiding from trouble under the bed
Wondering why your dog loves to hide under the bed all the time? and you are struggling to block and prevent this? Follow this preventative guide!

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How to keep a dog from going under the bed?

Dogs of today, like their distant ancestors, seek out quiet, comfortable, and dark places where they can sleep. So when your dog is sleepy, they may try to seek comfort under your bed and other furniture of their own accord. This may be why some dogs lie under the bed covertly to avoid disturbance. But dogs tend to be big to make further the spot comfortable.

Hence their comfort can disturb yours, which is why owners get annoyed at the constant attempts of their to seek a place to sleep and go under the bed. People try different methods to prevent their dogs from hiding under the bed, but all the necessary measures fail in many cases in preventing a dog from going to such places. Using a bed blocker, people block the entryways to keep their dogs outside.

Dog going under bed
Dog going under bed

How you can stop your dog from going under the bed?

Here are some suggestions for preventing your dog from hiding under the bed.

Which includes:

  1. bed blocker
  2. toy blocker
  3. barrier

Why does your dog hide under furniture?

How to keep a dog from going under the bed? One of the other reasons why some dogs seek out dark places, that is, under the bed, is that they might be afraid. So first and foremost measure an owner can take is to find out about their securities. The most frequent explanation as to why dogs go under the bed is that they are scared and think it’s safe there.

You should learn what frightens your dog. You should check if your dog is afraid of any other pet. This usually happens in homes with more than one pet, and older or bigger pets often terrorize the young by impeding their usual activities or disturbing their favorite spots. Make sure the dog feels loved and welcomed by every family member by checking this as well. If you only recently adopted the dog, then the problem may be regarding the new dog’s trouble settling in.

Use a toy blocker
toy blocker

Use a toy blocker

You can stop your dog from digging beneath the bed by using positive reinforcement to change this particular behavior. Have some dog treats available, and call them back whenever the dog goes under the bed by holding out treats and rewarding them when they do. Using a toy blocker is also effective, while some people use the shoe as a bed blocker, that is, to render the entry inaccessible for large dogs.

For this to work effectively, owners need to use positive reinforcement fully and also use a barrier or pipe insulation to keep their dog from hiding under the bed. You must be very patient and temperate, use a loving tone, and only give the treat when the dog is completely out from under the bed.

Steps you can take to keep your dog from going under the bed

Eventually, the dog will make the connection between doing something right and not hiding under the bed, and gradually the dog will stop this habit.

Making it difficult for the dog to enter the space is a simple trick you can use to deter your dog from getting beneath the bed. To start, you can cram things under your bed. To avoid the dog pushing or pulling them till they are out of the way, if you use this method, you must ensure that those things are crammed together tightly.

To stop going under the bed a second option is to close off the gaps the dog utilizes to enter the area. To build a wall, for example, employ under-bed blockers. To prevent your pet from getting under your bed, use bed blocks. They are a safe and straightforward solution.

There is also a high probability that your dog is not comfortable in its current bed, which might be why they frequently go under the bed to seek a new place to rest. It’s possible that the dog used the bed when it was smaller, but the growth went unnoticed by the owner, and now the dog does not feel comfortable in the old puppy bed.

It may still be a brand-new, comfortable bed, but your dog may not like it. To test if the going beneath the bed issue is resolved, you can try purchasing a different dog bed, Which is more according to the size and temperament of the dog.

This may solve the problem, and the dog will no longer go around the bed. Many people also create a barrier with pipe insulation to keep the dog from going under the bed. One can find a create from an old storage unit and organize it according to the likes of small dogs so that they may use it as an alternative home. You may also frequent the vet if the problem persists after these measures to check the dog’s mental health.

Define Your Dog’s Sleeping Area
Example of Sleeping area

Define Your Dog’s Sleeping Area

The absence of a defined sleeping area is another factor that could cause a dog to start getting under the bed. The dog may believe it has free reign to explore and sleep wherever it pleases if you repeatedly move its current location. Choose a sleeping location for your dog and try not to modify it to stop this. Naturally, you’ll need to assist the dog in becoming accustomed to the location first.

Dogs enjoy having people around, so there’s a significant probability that he’s just trying to get close to you by hiding under the bed.

Possible pet anxiety

One crucial question that owners need to ask themselves is whether they are spending enough time with their dogs. Connecting with the dog before figuring out how to get them to stop is essential. Pet anxiety is a prevalent issue in pets who feel left out, unattended and lonely. If a dog feels like its owner is not giving them enough attention, they might develop anxiety, which poorly affects any dog’s health. So as for yourself, the questions relating to the subject matter are; Do you engage in indoor play? Do you stroll around with your dog? Make time to bond with your dog if you don’t already.

It will be simple to persuade it to stop crawling under the bed if you make it feel cherished and wanted. Dogs in the wild often sleep together in packs, reminiscent of their past and subsequent evolution. The next best thing for domesticated dogs may be to lie under the bed. In other words, you can welcome the dog to sleep in your bed if you’re open to the idea. You could wish to rule out any other causes for the conduct, such as illness or insecurity. Additionally, you should discuss things with your partner beforehand since they might not be amenable to sharing a bed with the dog.

Additionally, you should consider training your dog on boundaries. Your dog will learn where he is not permitted to roam with the help of boundary training. This is something that some experts can assist you with, but if you feel competent enough, you can also handle it yourself. You must employ a type of punishment for bad behavior, which will serve as a kind of reinforcement for boundary training to be practical. Similarly, once the dog complies, use treats and pats to congratulate the dog on good behavior.

But your dog may be hiding under the bed to feel safer. So for personal comfort, your dog may resort to hiding under the bed. It might only sometimes be the case that it is reacting to a threat. Buying a dog box is the solution to this problem. If used correctly, a crate can be an excellent choice to meet this end effectively.

How do you teach your dog not to hide under furniture anymore?

To begin with, the crate shouldn’t be applied as a discipline. Second, ensure the dog has enough space to spin around in the crate. The dog won’t feel the urge to go beneath the bed if you use the crate properly; that is, by making the crate comfortable and making the dog feel protected.

Dogs can be disturbed emotionally by various outside factors like loud noises, fireworks, and horns. This can be effectively countered by giving your dog different treats. Treats help to calm them down so that their mind is deflected elsewhere.

They pay the noises no attention until they suppress them. After a while and with enough repetition of this subtle procedure, your dog will eventually expect a treat whenever they hear a noise and hence will not be disturbed by it. You can act further by removing your dog from such a loud environment. If treats do not work, move your dog away from the sound source until things calm down. Cats and other pets can also sometimes annoy dogs so that they may seek places without their interactions.

Create a better environment

How do you teach your dog not to hide under furniture anymore?

One of the other leading causes of dogs hiding in the confined protection of a hiding place, such as under the bed, might be because they are hurt. Your dog might hide to find a peaceful location if you have guests or outsiders about it.

Dogs used to moderate and quiet homes find it troubling when they see new people in their spaces and around their owners. So when a person has guests or friends over, it is usual for some dogs to seek the stillness under a bed. Dogs accustomed to calm homes are put in a situation where they find themselves among other sentient beings, such as other dogs and humans, who might want to escape the noise.

When the environment has been restored to normal, dogs that repeat this behavior, hiding under beds for these reasons, frequently come out. The necessary socialization training can effectively treat this. One strategy is to teach your dog a new behavior to get them to quit hiding under things so often. Ignore your dog if it is hiding beneath the bed. However, reward them when they’re lying on a doormat or rug. If you persist, your dog will probably ultimately pick up new behaviors.

You can further engage in helpful and friendly procedures such as:

I.  Try, first of all, lying down on the mat or the floor next to the dog and squatting down to just over the dog’s level at ground level to put yourself in a natural state of communication.

II. Trying to extend your arm towards the dog, talk to them in a soothing tone that will reassure them that everything is alright. If all else fails, reward or gently caress it while calling for it to come over to you. It will prevent your pet dog from hiding and stop dog from going under the bed.

III. Never yell at your dog and never make it leave its shelter, where it finds peace; instead, be patient. When you return to its normal state and venture outside, you must thank it with a good treat and, in particular, lots of cuddles. Dogs find caressing and cuddling very reassuring. When you are thus cuddling your dog, you are reassuring it that everything is alright and that there is no physical threat of any that, and that it is in a calm, friendly environment where nothing can hurt it.

But it is to be noticed that a dog dislikes being handled, perhaps because you or your kids are touching it too much, which is why your dog is hiding beneath the bed. It’s also possible that you lost your dog’s trust after you mistreated it, yelled at it, or gave it a harsh punishment, which is all to be avoided.

In these situations, you will need to mend the damaged relationship between you and the dog. Purchase a plastic crate for it, cover it with a dark piece of cloth or a blankie to prevent the dog from using the bed as a hiding place, and keep the dog in the crate where you will have better access.


How to keep a dog from going under the bed? There are a few things you can do to keep your dog from going under the bed. First, make sure that the area around the bed is clear of any clutter or debris that could entice your dog to go under there. Second, keep your dog’s nails trimmed so that they aren’t able to get a good grip on the carpet or flooring. Finally, try using a pet gate or other barrier to block off access to the area under the bed. If you do these things, it should help to keep your dog from going under the bed.

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