5 things you need to know about the English bulldog. Best guide!

English bulldogs for sale
When looking for an English bulldog for sale here are some things to keep in mind! We will go over the 5 top things new bulldog owners do not know.

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5 things you need to know about the English bulldog. Best guide!

Before getting into the specifics, here is basic information that everyone would be an English bulldog owner should be aware of. The English bulldog is one of the most popular house dog breeds in the world. They are like French bulldogs in physiognomy and have a lot of marked characteristics and attributes of personality.

They are famous among people who live in dorms and apartments because of their smaller sizes (as compared to the average bulldog) and low maintenance worries. The English bulldog is a small, active, and playful little creature, who learns to accommodate her or his environment quickly. They are very loyal and compassionate towards human beings with whom they have daily contact and other animals besides themselves, for example, cats or even chameleons.

History of the english bulldogs

English bulldogs for sale

The English bulldog from the perspective of the traditional bulldog was bred for companionship. The traditional bulldog on the other hand was bred specifically for bloody sports including dogfighting and bullfighting. Now of course in modern times, these attributes are not commonly practiced by the bulldogs but some fragments in the form of ancestral traits remain dominant in some breeds.

People still tend to fight them with each other in their bunkers or alleyways although it is illegal. So, on the one hand, the occasional violent activities of the bulldog bear witness of the presence of these traits in their genes but on the other hand, the English bulldog remains a stout, sturdy and loyal companion. As mentioned above, they were specifically bred for this reason which makes them, even more, greater at those tasks because we have better conditions and better breeders for them. these qualities make the English bulldog one of the best choices for a house dog.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the English bulldog:

English bulldogs as pets

Things needed to know ‘do english bulldogs shed?’ English bulldogs as pets are among the choicest family dogs today in the world. Alongside golden retrievers and poodles, they provide the best companionship any animal could ever ask for. They are small but sturdy. They are muscularly built (a physical attribute acquire from her / his distant parents) and they are strong physically, for example, you find yourself in need of assistance if you are trying to get something out of her/his mouth.

This is because of the focus of strength in the jaws region, they are strengthened by their make-up and propose this strength as an attribute of their breed or physiognomy. Unlike some dogs (for example the huskies or some other breeds) they do not require the necessary socialization training which is an essential part of any dog’s training while bringing them up.

They have a high intrinsic propensity for socialization, with humans and with other animals which makes them the ideal house pet. They are not weird around your family or occasional guests but tend to make friends with them quickly. But although they are friendly they pose possible threats of allergy triggers in people who are sensitive to allergies. So it is recommended beforehand that even if the potential owner does not suffer from any pet allergies they must check the dog for hypoallergenic (a quality of some breeds where the animal in question does not trigger allergies in people with allergies despite the amount of hair, coat type or skin color) traits.

So before buying an English bulldog keep the question ‘do English bulldogs shed?’ in your mind. As for the question of English bulldogs as pets, one need not worry about any shortcomings. The English bulldog as the pet is among the most popular and most bought due to her / his attributes. As mentioned before, they are protective of their space. This makes for an excellent quality because it can be used as a protective measure for the house/apartment owner. do english bulldogs shed?

English bulldog
english bulldogs as pets

Temperament and personality of the english bulldog

Why to keep english bulldogs as pets? The English bulldog like the French bulldog does not bark often and only does so when there is something wrong around or about their personal space, this behavior serves as an indicator of any potential threat to you or your property which is quite useful.

Plus, they are extremely friendly with kids and grow protective around them as well for example whenever they notice any distress in children they tend to caress their coats with them or rub their nose with them. moreover, they start barking to inform you if your child is crying or is injured. Although they form quick connections with strangers as well, with whom you are friendly, they are most friendly and deferent to their owners. they will follow you around and try to nap in your laps all the time. english bulldogs as pets?

They are liable to please you so they learn certain commands quickly. This is a mark of their heightened sense of intelligence. They can learn gestures and vocal commands that may indicate to completion of a certain task or fetching of a certain object. They are not mentioned among the most intelligent dogs but certainly can distinguish between certain things by gradual learning.

Major and general health concerns of the english bulldogs

Do english bulldogs shed?
do english bulldogs shed

english bulldogs as pets? Among the many hereditary diseases and conditions the English bulldog might be subjected to as an adult in the future, some that are risky on daily basis must not be ignored. They are small and quirky and they tire easily. this is because they consume most of their energy while in intense exercise. While the body is burning up certain fats and increasing the metabolic process the physical body of the English bulldog must be at a moderate room temperature. Because in the sun they are subjected to intense overheating that may cause death or lead to more serious conditions than overheating.

So, if you live in places that are not very tropical and area subject to intense heat and constant rise in the temperature you should consider looking for another dog that might be more fitting for such conditions. Furthermore, there are a lot of other conditions that your English bulldog might be subjected to in the future among some of the factors associated with leading to these conditions age is most prominent.

English vs. French bulldog

english bulldog vs french bulldog

english bulldog vs french bulldog: When one is wondering about the difference concerning the English bulldog vs. the French bulldog the major things to know include size and weight. On the scale of English vs. the French bulldog, the former is bigger and weighs more. Though this difference is not much it is significant enough. The weight and size do not differ in females and males. The French bulldog weighs about 1 / 2 of the English bulldog.

This means that the English bulldog is about twice the weight of a French bulldog. The variations in coat colors end up in favor of the English bulldog. They have more coat types and colors than French bulldogs. On the question of tail types in the scale of English vs. French bulldog, there is not much difference. They both tend to have curly or corkscrew tails. which also means that incoming times they both might be affected with spinal deficiencies associated with corkscrew tail types.

So most professional breeders will not breed such dogs who have these types of tails since it can lead to life-threatening problems in the future. The presence of a tail also signifies the appearance of the tail pocket which comes with its problems. It needs to be cleaned very frequently and leads to painful infections in the French or the English bulldogs. english bulldog vs french bulldog

On the question of personality and temperature on the scale of English vs. French bulldog, there is not much difference either. They both are great companions who love their owners, they are loyal and highly maintainable. However, one of the most distinct qualities in both these dogs (which is again associated with their companionship attribute) is separation anxiety.

New owners need to be made aware of this condition. One may not recognize pain in the eyes or on the face of a dog as one does in a human but it does not mean it is not there. Separation anxiety is a feeling of intense anxious build-up that happens when you are not with someone who wants to be, it is the same in dogs and the English and French bulldogs are more susceptible to this.

How much english bulldogs cost

On the question of how much English bulldogs cost is that they vary a lot. So, according to coat colors, the pricing is different the English bulldogs cost between 2 to 4 Grand in American dollars. However, the price of Frenchies is much higher.

Do English bulldogs shed?

One thing to watch out when english bulldogs as pets: Yes, the English bulldog is not hypoallergenic. This means they do shed hair and they do tend to trigger allergies in people with allergy problems. They do not shed as much as other dogs and their hair being smaller is not very noticeable. This can either be a problem or an attribute depending on you. harder to detect means harder to clean but if you do not have allergies then surface cleaning will usually get rid of most of the shredded hair, one needs not to go into detail cleaning. The good news is that as they proceed into adulthood they begin to shed less and less every day.


In conclusion, you have learned all about the English bulldog in this guide, if you would like to own one go to petslistings.com or click here English bulldogs for sale.

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