5 things to know before getting a french bulldog puppy in 2023

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Discover the top 5 essential tips before getting a French Bulldog, one of the most popular dog breeds—expert advice for owning this beloved breed.

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Before buying or looking for a French bulldog, remember that there are a few things worth knowing if you want to provide them with a good family and a good home. The French bulldog is perfect for people who want a small dog that does not take up a lot of space, and who is loyal, compassionate, and great with kids.

Before that, you need to ask yourself if a French bulldog is right for you, and this is relatively rather easy to figure out. Whether a French bulldog is right for you or not depends on you and your personality! Let’s jump in and talk about the Things you need to know before purchasing a French bulldog!

buying a French bulldog nevertheless requires good caretaking for the dog and your health. So if you can make a few alterations in your daily lifestyle, schedule, and personal space this breed can be a perfect fit. Here are a few tips to help you decide if this dog breed suits you.

Playful french bulldog

French bulldogs love to play!

Our first tip: French bulldogs love to play! Usually, small dogs like French bulldogs are sought by people who have small spaces or are living in apartments. Since these dogs do not require a lot of exercise and dry up their energy while playing with themselves there is no need to worry about the lack of large spaces or lawns.

However still recommended to get them daily activity, if you are on a tight schedule the minimum amount of time spent exercising should be about 45 minutes. They do require more nutrients as compared with adults since they dry their energy level rather quickly. You don’t have to worry about frequent napping, this is expected since they are weary after spending their energy playing around a lot. They were originally bred to be human companions, making them a popular dog breed.

Frenchies secret power: Playfully quiet!

They do not make a lot of noise and this attribute also makes them good for security. You might have seen their larger counterparts being used for security purposes, while the French bulldogs are quite passive and non-violent they do tend to start making noise whenever they hear or suspect any suspicious activity. For example, if they see someone trying to get in your house or if your child is crying while you are somewhere else, they will start barking, and that will serve as a notification for your attention. 

Find out your Frenchy’s history

When buying a Frenchie from a buyer or a shelter, it is important to know their history. Professional sellers will always tell you the necessary details concerning their psychological health, behavior, and personalities. But if you are taking a rescued dog from a shelter, it’s possible that they may not know the proper history of the dog.

Remember to know their history if any. It is possible that a dog in a shelter or from a breeder may suffer abuse it is best to ask this before visiting the dog. If the dog had been abused there is no reason not to adopt such a dog since the caretaking process and gradual therapy to eventual recovery will lead to even stronger companionship bonds.

Things to know before getting a french bulldog

Health Problems in French Bulldogs

Another thing you need to know before getting a French bulldog is that some diseases run in this certain breed. Here are some diseases connected to the breed that unfortunately contain the risk of being more dominant in French bulldogs than other dogs; dental problems, fat accumulation, nose problems (brachycephalic), and higher sensitivity to various bacterial infections. Furthermore, they are more susceptible to outside invaders like various types of worms, ticks, and mites. Please consider these tips before purchasing a Frenchie.

The last condition is not only limited to dogs but can contaminate the particular space including you and your family. These outside agents come from different unclean or infected areas, for example, water that has not been filtered contains different forms of bacteria that can cause infections in your dogs.

Neuter your French Bulldog puppy

One of the ways of tackling certain diseases and infections recommended by professionals is by neutering the dog.

Neutering is a surgical procedure, not uncommon for animals, whereby the ovaries of the female dogs (or testicles in the male) are removed surgically. This procedure rids your dogs of certain things including unwanted pregnancies. Although avoiding many of these deficiencies is rather easy, it requires certain attention. The owners still need to keep their good well fed on a prescribed diet, keep them well exercised, need to take care of their dental health, and groom them daily.

French bulldog diseases

Why should I do it?

Think of your Frenchie as a little human. Their diets, needs and requirements, emotions, and other psychological aspects correlate with those of humans in various fields. So improper or lack of attention will lead to psychological distress in your French bulldog just as improper health will lead to certain risky diseases.

The French bulldog breed has a good and soothing temperament 

One of the major reasons people want to purchase a French bulldog most certainly includes their subjective intelligence and affectionate personality. At the same time, the larger bulldogs were bred for violent dog fighting, and other bloody sports in the past. On the other hand, the French bulldogs who are smaller in size and dwarfish in physiognomy are completely passive and compassionate, this is because they do not have a violent history and hence do not acquire hereditary violent traits. They were bred to be companion dogs and this makes them loving, caring, and protective of their families.

Another reason to get a French bulldog: Intelligence

Another amazing thing about French bulldogs is their intelligence. They get to know their surroundings rather quickly and hence with proper care come to form a conscious distinction between right and wrong comparatively quickly than a few other dogs. This is a great attribute of their intelligence and can be perfectly used by owners to make up commands with restricting or approving vibes. For example, the owners can, with proper training, have their French bulldogs learn physical or gestural commands whereby a wave of a hand or the pointing of a finger may indicate a direction for a certain action which the French bulldog then performs.

intelligent french bulldog puppy

Frenchies adapt to socially challenging environments.

Furthermore, this quality of their heightened intelligence enables them to consciously differ between a lot of different other things as well. They begin to act accordingly to our moods, when they see that their owner is depressed or is not behaving normally they also tend to be quite sympathetic and friendly.

One can differentiate between these changes by marking the behavior of their French bulldogs when they are acting normally on normal days and when they are gloomy or friendly when they notice something wrong. As mentioned above, this quality is a fundamental or an innately constituted essence of their personality which makes them such great companions. Their passive and loving temperament appeals perfectly to that of a child. Their curiosity regarding different objects relates greatly to a child’s. They also tend to be friendly with elderly people. The French bulldog is one of many people because of this.

Frenchies Adaptability

The French bulldogs as mentioned before can make any place their own in a short period. This is great for owners since it spares them the trouble of making certain accommodations as is the won’t of a house pet. They do not need too much care because of their build, like frequent grooming and baths, but they require extra care of their teeth and ears.

Extra accommodation for your franchise

Further, regarding accommodation, the dog needs outdoor exercise for a healthy life. The French bulldogs do not require very long walks or much exercise, there’s a reason for that: they tire up easily, this also does not mean that they are too lazy. They are great for personal therapy because pet caressing is a great inhibitor of depression. The French bulldogs also make quick bonds with the owner’s friends or relatives, if you have people visiting you often.

This minimizes any fear of your dog being repulsive or violent with strangers or simply not trustworthy. French bulldogs will recognize your friends as their friends. They will be able to differ between the sense of temporary stay or permanent residence, meaning that they will not get lonesome if a visiting friend with whom they are friendly is about to leave. Still, regarding the dog, the same cannot be said for owners because they will get sad if you are absent for a long.

Is this dog breed right for me?

If you are looking for a dog breed that does not require a lot of exercise, has a great lifespan, and has a high level of awareness then you should get a Frenchie. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog, that has more energy, and does not have certain health issues (especially with the short nose), then the French bulldog is probably not the best option for you. 

Our final note.

Before you start searching for a French bulldog (or decided not to), you need to be careful about where you purchase them from. Many dog owners have been scammed by purchasing from sites like Craigslist or sending money to strangers on Facebook groups. After reading our tips you should be able to make a better decision, buy from local sellers or shelters, or look on site’s like ours for French bulldogs with AKC registration. French bulldogs are a highly sought-after breed and it is important you know a bit before purchasing a Frenchie puppy. Ask a breeder or your local animal shelter for help in choosing the right dog that fits your needs.

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