How we stop puppy mills

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How we stop puppy mills

Background info

Generally, puppy mills are facilities for dog breeding. In many states in European countries and in America puppy mills are legal and some are funded. In these facilities, one can find very cheap dogs bred in captivity and very claustrophobic conditions with a lot of different varieties available. The animals kept in these conditions come to, while not being fully developed, be affected by a series of life-threatening infections, diseases, and contagious psychological defects that are hard to treat. The close-packed cages concerning malnutrition and ill caretaking of animals bred in puppy mills further lead to several physical defects like paw infections, eye infections, polluted bloodstreams, and pestilent influenza. Even if one buys a dog from such a facility looking for cheap prices the further expenditure in proper treatment is costly. The exposure to a crammed environment unfit for growing up moreover leads to sickly, lonely, and untrusting behavior

How we stop them

We will help to inform all of our pet lovers here on how all of us can play our part to stop this cruel practice of puppy milling. By providing a good pet caretaking plan by allowing you to think ahead of primal considerations like the foremost expenses of purchasing a new animal rather than adopting one and the uses of adoption and its effects in the inhabitation of animal abuse. For more information on how to stop puppy mills, You should know key points as mentioned below.

You need to think of expenditure beforehand, when one buys a pet from a store or a professional breeder the initial cost of physical exchange of animal does not come with further costs that are necessary for its survival for example professional diet, creating a healthy environment, training and of course veterinary caretaking. The new bought animal has to be trained and made used to your environment it must needs build trust around humans and especially children because the pet store owners have themselves bought animals they are not aware of their history, the main noticeable prospects of which are any trauma in their past that might make them susceptible to be violent, or their behavior with and around certain things.

The animal shelters that rescue these dogs are aware of their histories so in severe consideration that they are treated accordingly. One cannot hope to individually put an end to a cruel process but by working collectively against it. Advise your friends, families, and relatives to make them aware of puppy mills, even if they are not interested in keeping dogs at home the information surge will reach those who are pet owners and those who are looking forward to becoming pet owners. 

After being made aware of initial expenditure, the second logical action to stop the cruel forced breeding of captive animals is to overcome the idiosyncrasy of purchasing a cute puppy from a pet store or an online seller. Instead, if you adopt an animal you are providing them with shelter, food, and a home. Whilst saving a sentient life and overcoming the cognitive dissonance that allows you to feel emotional at animal abuse but also lets you purchase a well-fed animal rather than rescuing one in dire need of rescuing.

What you need to do

One of the necessary steps is to ensure the origins of the animal you are buying, when buying second-hand or online you sometimes cannot be sure of the conditions that animal was kept in before being handed to you. It is important to make sure of this since that animal may be coming from a similar animal farm with serious mental defects. The private breeders will usually show you the environment where they breed animals and they are often in great conditions when the breeders themselves are professional.

So even if you are not willing to adopt an animal and looking for purely bred animals always make sure you can yourself see the condition in which the animal was born or raised. But if you buy online make sure you can meet with the seller because it is highly likely that online sellers sell animals from puppy mills looking for a profit. So in such a case check for any possible signs of abuse or maltreatment before purchasing from an unknown seller, have the animal vet near you take precautionary check-ups on the animals to make a viable report on its health, mental and physical.

It is also true that animal shelters that rescue a lot of animals in need, also over time have to make room for newly rescued pups and kittens this allows them to legally euthanize or dispose of the older animals in need to make space for young animals. So if more people are rescuing these animals in confinement and are not buying newly bred animals from uncertified breeders more animal lives will be spared and saved and this will gradually lead to a decline of Puppy mills because they also sell to puppy stores and if you are not purchasing those animals you are not putting money in their pockets. On a more positive and assuring note, you are saving a life and gaining a friend, the caretaking process allows you to form life lasting bond with the suffering animal and creates a healthy air of friendliness, companionship, and good conscience in your home.

It is quite possible and not rare for a government official or a legislator to ignore a single person’s plea for a cause but if you are to inform other people and make them aware of the animal cruelties that are happening in puppy mills or similar facilities more people will make a case and hence collectively gain more official attention which will gradually lead to the demise of such breeders and their facilities.

In summary, always consider adopting first and looking for rescued animals in animal shelters, animals that need subtle human care to survive and be happy, do not buy from an animal pet store or an online seller since such sites are selling puppies from animal mills. Always meet with the breeder if you want to buy a specific breed and check the conditions of the place they breed such dogs yourselves. Have the newly bought animal checked for any malnutrition, maltreatment since the animals most affected with such factors are traumatized and need to be looked after with great care.

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